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Below is a list of the spray inputs that we have used on our vines, organized by vintage.

We post this here because we believe that consumers should be able to find out how their food is grown. 

While using spray inputs to control diseases on the vines is a necessity, we have long made an effort to use a natural approach wherever possible. This is because we believe this makes a better product while being kind to the environment and our health. In march of 2022 we proudly made this position official, attaining a Biogro organic certification for our vineyard!

Vintage 2011

SulClean Sulphur
Wuxal Zinc
Bayer Impulse (non-organic)
Wuxal Magnesium

Vintage 2018

Synergy Sulphur
Nordox Copper
Henry's Protector oil
Thiovet Jet Sulphur
Henry's HML32
Magnesium Sulphate

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