About Us

Our dream is to make a great Pinot Noir. In 2001 this dream became our project.

On less than one hectare of land, with a flock of sheep, and two school aged children, we planted 4500 Pinot Noir vines in the North Canterbury wine growing region of New Zealand. We produce our wine as naturally as possible, with no artificial or commercially made yeasts.  We do not use any non-organic sprays on the vines. Instead we work with what nature has given us - our soils, our topography, the sun and the seasons. 

The soils we have planted in are limestone with embedded calcareous sea shells from the Miocene era that were formed under the ocean between eight to twenty five million years ago. Our climate is cool with low rainfall and long dry autumns. Following classical Burgundian style and Old World expertise, we are high density planting and low cropping along a low trellis. This maximises flavour as well as protecting vines from the hot dry Nor-West wind.​

In 2010 we converted our woolshed into a winery, to begin making our own Pinot Noir on site.  All our wine is sourced from our own vineyard grapes. We hand pick and hand de-steam our grapes. The wine is matured in French oak barrels for twelve months.

We believe that great wines come from small producers and small boutique vineyards.